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MERTS builds custom gates to fit your exact bin size.  We use high quality steel to ensure your gate is durable and built to last.  We proudly use Zerk grease fittings in the hinge pins to ensure the gate will function smoothly throughout years of repetitive operation.

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Double Clamshell Gates

In the MERTS Double Clamshell Gate, the outboard ends of the hinge pins are supported to keep them in line as the parts wear. Heavy box and blades ensure your gate functions properly, and the blades are shaped to reduce friction. Our tooth gear quadrants are designed to give you years of trouble-free use.

Tunnel Gates

Our Tunnel Gates have manually operated strike off blades that can be adjusted to limit the flow of material through the gate. This gate also has separate blades for opening and closing. As the gate opens, a blade drops down to close the conveyor belt and contains the material within the proper confines of the center of the belt.

Flared Low Headroom Clamshell Gates

The Flared Low Headroom Clamshell Gates are 18”x45” and taper at the bottom to 10”x45”. This is a conventional double-acting clamshell gate built to hold headroom to a minimum. The box of this gate becomes the extension of the bin.

Low Headroom Double Clamshell Gates

This gate for companion batchers is a conventional double-acting clamshell gate that uses the bottom section of the aggregate batcher as the box of the gate. This arrangement reduces headroom.

Low Headroom Clamshell Gate

MERTS’ Low Headroom Clamshell Gate is a conventional double clamshell gate that has been lengthened and keeps headroom to a minimum. This gate was developed many years ago and has faithfully performed ever since.

Butterfly Valve Gates

A large variety of accessory equipment is available for the Butterfly Valve gate: electro-pneumatic controls, two-position charge gate controls and a three-position discharge gate control.

Butterfly Valve with Slide Gates

Our Butterfly Valve for cement and fly ash has been highly successful for many years. It consists of a metal butterfly seating against a resilient seat. The butterfly shaft is packed to prevent leaking. When this valve is used on the bottom of a silo or storage compartment, it is equipped with an emergency cutoff slide gate. The Butterfly Valve also performs well with batcher discharge gates. It is very easy to control the amount of desired opening on this type of gate.


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