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MERTS fabricates custom aggregate storage bins.  We can design bins from 100 to 600 tons or more containing up to 8 compartments.  AR400 steel liners create a resistant surface to wear and tear.  It’s even designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.  Our discharge gates are manufactured to fit various size openings.  We can retrofit a bin or gate on your equipment even if it wasn’t originally designed by MERTS.

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Discharge Gates

If you need a discharge gate with your bin, trust MERTS for quality and lasting gate design. In addition to high-quality steel, we use Zerk grease fittings in the hinge pins to ensure your gate opens and closes smoothly. Our gate designs include:

  • Double Clamshell Gates
  • Tunnel Gates
  • Flared Low Headroom Clamshell Gates
  • Low Headroom Double Clamshell Gates
  • Low Headroom Clamshell Gates
  • Butterfly Valve with Slide Gates
  • Butterfly Valve Gates

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