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MERTS’ M-80 De-Cumulative batch plant is for concrete producers working on projects such as swimming pools and septic tanks. A de-cumulative batch plant has no aggregate storage, making them an affordable batch plant option. If you like the advantages and pricing of a de-cumulative batch plant but want aggregate storage, you can add a storage bin to the plant at any time.

All of our plants can be set up easily and quickly so you can start production as soon as possible. The heavy-duty steel construction of the De-Cumulative Plant ensures it will withstand the pressures of concrete production. We offer the option of pre-wiring your batch plant to save money and time on installation.

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Standard Features

While we offer the following standard features, the De-Cumulative Plant can be customized to your needs. For more information about how to customize this batch plant for your specifications, contact us.

  • Load cell type scales
  • Electro-pneumatic controls
  • Two-inch badger water meter
  • 24” two-ply 210# conveyor belt with 1/8 x 1/16 covers
  • Valve banks internally wired and hosed
  • Handrail around top of silo
  • Control box internally wired
  • Steel construction that complies with AISC and Southern Building Code
  • Hinged conveyors for easy erection
  • Two-inch vibrator on aggregate batcher sand compartment
  • All gear boxes are shaft mounted
  • Backstops are included on all speed reducers
  • All units are sand blasted, primed, and painted with Rust-oleum machine enamel
  • Inspection with safety cage on silo
  • Rest platform on silo
  • Safety valve on silo

Optional Features

  • Dust filters on top of silo and batcher
  • Variety of automatic controls
  • Telescoping chute
  • Magnetic starters for motors
  • Complete pre-wiring, including main breaker, two disconnects for each motor, all in rigid conduit. Wiring complies with National Electrical Code unless specifically exempted.
  • Bin signals for silo
  • Air compressor


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